About the Company

Universal Software is a leading provider of data center management and data communications products for IBM computers running the MVS and VSE operating systems.

Founded in 1970, Universal Software received several Datapro awards for excellence in software engineering for system software utilities. Universal Software's data center management products improve system performance. reduce terminal response time, improve programmer and operator productivity, and optimize disk use.

Our data communications products benefit from that rich heritage. They provide an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective means of data communication in an unattended operating environment. The products support a wide array of communications protocols and are designed to be used for a broad range of data transfer applications.

Because of the company's broad focus, Universal Software products provide the same benefits whether they are used in manufacturing, finance, service, education, government, or retail operations.

Universal Software, Inc.
Brookfield Office Park
Brookfield, CT 06804
Phone: (203) 792-5100

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