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Non-BTAM Bisync

Universal Software announces Non-BTAM Bisync support for its Universal-Link file transfer system. This is of special interest to IBM mainframe users who continue to have the requirement to communicate with remote Bisync devices or systems using the 2780/3780 RJE protocol. IBM has announced that it will no longer support the BTAM access method required for such communication under it's OS/390 and VSE/ESA operating systems.

Universal Software, with over 25 years experience in Bisync communications, has now eliminated the BTAM requirement by including equivalent code within the Universal-Link system itself. The support also includes options for several types of Auto-Dialing methods including V.25 bis and SADL as well as traditional Auto-Call units.

Universal-Link customers can continue to enjoy the confidence of fully supported communications for as long as their Bisync requirement remains. Furthermore, the Universal-Link system includes support for SNA and TCP/IP communications as well to provide an easy migration path as communications needs evolve.

The Universal-Link Non-BTAM Bisync support option utilizes any 37xx compatible communications control unit which supports Bisync.

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