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Summary of Universal-Link Features

Host or Remote Initiated Transfers

Supports both dialing from the mainframe and auto-answer of calls from remotes.

Multiple Protocols

Universal-Link supports a variety of communications protocols including BSC/3780, SNA (LU1/3770 and LU6.2), TCP/IP and Async.


With this option, transmission data for an unlimited number of remotes is added to and extracted from a VSAM data bank on a 24-hour basis, without requiring down time for file reorganization.

Multiple Lines

As a multitasking system, Universal-Link can manage more than 200 leased or switched lines concurrently with a minimum use of system resources.

Scheduled File Transfers

Transfers may be initiated immediately ordeferred until a user-specified time window.

Unattended Operation

Autodial, autoanswer, and scheduled transfer features allow completely unattended operation at the host and remote sites.


In addition to user ID and password verification, Universal-Link ensures security through mainframe control of all sessions and interface compatibility with third-party security systems including RACF, ACF2, and Top Secret.

Error Recovery/Restart

Extensive facilities ensure that Universal-Link recovers from data transmission errors.


Universal-Link can send the same set of data to multiple remotes without requiring duplication of input data.

Transparent Transmissions

Universal-Link supports transparent transmissions of binary data for purposes suchas program distribution to multiple remotes.

Automatic EBCDIC/ASCII Translation

Universal-Link automatically translates between EBCDIC and ASCII codes so that no other utility is required for communications between the mainframe and PCs.

Record Sizes to 4,096 Characters

Inbound and outbound records can be as large as 4,096 bytes, including transparent and compressed data.

Transmission Control and Auditing

Universal-Link provides a full range of reports and monitoring facilities to let you control and track transmission activity.

User Exits

System administrators can define events under which Universal-Link should pass control to another program, such as a security product. Universal-Link can resume processing after the other program completes its appointed task.

MVS and VSE Release Independence

Universal-Link will work with any version of MVS or VSE.

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